We love working with forward thinking partners like you and can’t wait to innovate together and connect with your community! Check out how our current partners have successfully rolled out Soofa technology. Let’s make it happen.
— Sandra Richter, Co-founder and CEO

7 Steps to Innovate with Soofa

1.  Determine the application of Soofa’s technology that would benefit your community the most. Do you want to provide charging and gather data or do you want to communicate in real-time through the Soofa Sign? Solar powered USB charging comes standard with both the Soofa Bench and the Soofa Core. The following technology upgrades are available for both units: 

  • Soofa Pro which includes our sensor upgrade and access to standard and customized reports, as well as raw data exports and API calls.
  • 4G LTE WiFi hotspot.


2.  Identify potential Soofa locations based on your intended application. The general solar exposure requirement for the Soofa Bench, Soofa Core, and Soofa Sign is four hours of sunlight per day to keep the internal battery at the optimal level. Other questions to ask when considering Soofa placement can include:

  • Where are the high pedestrian traffic areas in town? Historically, some of the most successful locations for the high charging use include bus stops, parks, downtown plazas, bustling sidewalks, and campuses.
  • Do you want to activate a less busy space in your community? Soofa technology is perfect for attracting people to places and keeping them there for an extended period of time.  
  • What are your data needs? Are you considering measuring pedestrian traffic in parks or outdoor spaces? What question or questions do you want to answer with the data? Below are a couple examples of how our current partners are using Soofa data. 

Example 1  |  In New York City the Parks Department is measuring the number of people that visit High Bridge Park to understand general patterns of park use, be able to measure the success of events, and be able to measure the return on capital improvement projects. Learn more here about the City’s smarter parks initiative.

Example 2  |  In Oak Park, Illinois multiple locations are being measured and compared with one another to gather insights into how different locations are used and how each performs relative to the others. Learn more here about how Soofa technology is being harnessed to obtain a novel data set that will inform future design, planning, and management decisions.


3.  Determine a Soofa solution that meets your needs the best.

  • The Soofa Bench on its own is great for making a big statement in the community and also for providing a duality of purpose with seating and charging. The Soofa Core is great for updating outdoor spaces that may not have a lot of space for a full bench and is also the perfect way to increase your total number of sensors for data collection. Keep in mind that both products can be upgraded with Soofa's full sensor suite. 


4.  Build support within your community, team, or organization. Tell them what it's like to work with Soofa!

  • You have the opportunity to work with a agile startup at the cutting edge of technology to develop a solution that meets your needs.
  • Our team will be with you every step of the way, helping answer any questions that come up during any point of the process.
  • Show your community that you are innovative and committed to improving the quality of life in your neighborhood, town, or city.


5.  Determine your budget.

  • Based on your needs and desired product configuration, we can happily assemble multiple options for you to consider that meet your budget goals. Our most popular solution packages now are of the mixed use variety where we incorporate benches, cores, and an array of sensor applications.


6.  Finalize your purchase and install your hardware. 

  • Our average lead time is between 3-4 weeks.
  • Installation is a breeze! The Soofa Bench requires just eight bolts into concrete and the Soofa Core requires just four.
  • No wiring is required. Both the Soofa Bench and the Core run entirely off sustainable solar power.


7.  Share your story with your community.

  • Craft a press release and share with your local television stations and media outlets.

Example  |  The Town of Newmarket was featured in a three minute segment on Breakfast Television Toronto, Ontario’s most popular morning show with millions of viewers.

  • Have your city or organization featured in Soofa’s popular Spotlight Series.

Example  |  Sunny Isles Beach, Florida shared what it was like being an early adopter. We then shared their story with our network of smart city innovators on our website, through our newsletter, and our social media channels.

  • Share with your community and followers across all of your social media accounts. Then, work with local and national media partners to share your story with your region, state, and beyond!

Ready to innovate? We're here to help!