A platform for data analysis and insights to improve public spaces

Monitor street level activity, get a better understanding of event attendance, and measure the return on investment from capital improvement projects. Visualize data with standardized and customizable data reports, export raw data, or access through our API to fit to the needs of your department or organization. 

Soofa Pro is a sensor platform which is integrated into the Soofa Bench and the Soofa Core and measures pedestrian traffic in outdoor spaces.  Gain insights into your spaces like never before.


Compare locations

Measure pedestrian traffic in multiple locations across your community. Easily compare one location with another and quickly recognize use trends and patterns. See how different amenities attract people and if certain locations tend to be busier on the weekdays or weekends. Adjust maintenance schedules based on relative activity levels. Correlate with weather, marketing activities, or special events.

Read Oak Park Case Study

las cruces.png

Visualize profiles of space use and activity

See how outdoor spaces get used and what the typical use profile is like at any hour of the day, any day of the week. The yellow squares indicate hours with the highest use on average and the blue squares show less use. In this example, Sennott Park is often used early in the morning as school gets in and commuters walk to work or wait for the bus, and in the afternoon when school and work lets out. 

Read Las Cruces, NW Case Study

Recognize events

Know when there is significant activity in your outdoor spaces, either planned or unplanned. Compare different days of the week by looking at detailed hourly data of pedestrian activity. Measure the success of events by analyzing how many people attend. Know how long events last and how long it takes people to arrive and to leave. 

Read Boston Marathon 2017 Case Study


Early adopters of our technology

Be part of the movement, measure your impact

In addition to measuring the activity of your public space, monitor how much your benches are getting used. Know how many people charge and for how long. Compare the use of benches in different locations. Correlate charging data with public space activity data.  

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