Soofin' USA: LA Soofas are Here!

On September 29th, the City of LA announced some news we've been thrilled to share: 15 Soofa Benches are going in around the Downtown LA area over the next few months. These Soofa Benches will provide connectivity, particularly for people waiting for the bus. The Soofa installation is a part of the Mayor's Great Streets initiative, which is oriented towards improving the transit experience for Angelenos–particularly those riding bikes, on foot, or using public transit. Even better, the Soofa Benches will help LA to bridge the digital divide. Mayor Eric Garcetti on the installation, and pictures of Soofa CEO Sandra with the Mayor below: 

“A big part of reinvigorating our Great Streets is making them more user-friendly, so the goal of this project is simple but meaningful: upgrade our bus shelters and benches with charging and WiFi to make waiting for the bus an opportunity, not a chore. With this project, we’re integrating the existing infrastructure and the technology that we rely upon in our daily lives to re-imagine the digital urban experience. Central Avenue, already so rich with L.A. history and buzzing with activity, made for a perfect launching point to bring these innovations directly to Angelenos–and take a step in bridging our city’s digital divide.” - Mayor Eric Garcetti.