Spotlight: Green Mountain Power, Rutland, Vermont

Soofa was met with excitement by many! When Green Mountain Power asked the Mayor and the Board of Alderman if we could place the Soofa bench on the sidewalk as a demonstration of solar energy innovation it was welcomed.
— Betsy Bloomer, Director, Energy Innovation Center at Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power is one of Soofa's first corporate early adopters. The company donated a Soofa Bench to Rutland, VT as a way to give back to the community in which it is headquartered and also to showcase solar energy innovation. We spoke to Betsy Bloomer to learn more about Green Mountain Power and why the company chose Soofa. 


What inspired you to take on your role as the Director of the Energy Innovation Center? What do you like most about it?  

Customer obsession!  Green Mountain Power’s Energy Innovation Center is where we introduce our new products and services to our customers.  Our heralded eHome Program is the heart of our offerings and we work hand in hand with our customers to find ways to save them money, make their homes and businesses more comfortable and reduce their carbon footprint, all through energy innovation.


Tell us about the City of Rutland. What do you love about it? What is one thing everyone should know about it?

Rutland is Vermont’s Energy City of the Future and the Solar Capital of New England.  This is where Green Mountain Power is proving we can use energy innovation as a force for good and economic revitalization.  It’s the home of our first eHome and where we pilot new ideas before bringing them to the rest of Vermont.



If you have a free afternoon in or around Rutland what do you like to do? 

You need more than one afternoon!  The downtown is so beautiful, full of historical buildings and hip shops and restaurants. Plus, it’s fun to take a walk on Green Mountain Power's Energy Innovation Trail that takes you to business that are using the latest innovations right here in Rutland.


Why did you choose Soofa? What does it mean for you, Green Mountain Power, and for the City?

We are always looking for new innovations for customers and that’s why we found Soofa.  The Soofa bench sits right outside our Energy Innovation Center in downtown Rutland and is just another way Green Mountain Power is bringing new energy technologies to Vermont to make people’s lives easier. Plus it’s a fun hang out spot!



What was the biggest challenge Green Mountain Power had to overcome to get Soofa Benches installed?

No challenges at all and it was met with excitement by many!  When Green Mountain Power asked the Mayor and the Board of Alderman if we could place the Soofa bench on the sidewalk as a demonstration of solar energy innovation it was welcomed.



What was the response like when you told Green Mountain Power employees about the new bench?                                                                

Green Mountain Power employees are always curious about what’s new.  We like to be first. Being the first Soofa in Vermont was right up our alley.



What do you think the residents in Rutland like the most about Soofa? 

The Soofa bench looks just as new as the day we installed it.  It has received the utmost respect from Rutland and while charging phones it has not only been a place to sit, but also had some fun times with local skateboarders and hosted a few Green Mountain Power team meetings.



If you had one wish to improve Rutland or cities in general, what would it be?

That they believe they can do it.  Green Mountain Power loves being in Rutland and partnering with residents to celebrate the spirit of a City dedicated to growing and remaining vibrant. It’s so inspiring to see that community spirit and our wish would be to keep that growing!

Are you an early adopter of the Soofa Bench? Do you want to showcase your innovative spirit and tell us about your project with Soofa? Drop Oliver Madden a line: