Soofa Atlas Milestones!

4000 people, 1000 hours

Over Memorial Day Weekend, our bench network in Cambridge, MA passed huge milestones: 4000 devices have been charged and 1000 hours of charge have been generated since March 2016! To celebrate these milestones, we put together a few highlights from the Cambridge network below.


Bench usage snapshot

As winter turned to spring and spring turns to summer, Cambridge's benches are being used more often and different benches are becoming more popular. 


Charging Activity by Location

As the days have grown longer and the weather has become warmer, we've seen many changes on the bench leaderboard. Most notably, the parks in the network have dramatically risen in popularity over the past few weekends as more people are spending time outside in the warm sun. 


Parks are Popular

The data tells the story. This graph shows Soofa Bench usage at a popular park in town from March through May. 


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