We are now in Canada!

The City of Edmonton is the first city in Canada to install Soofa Benches! On June 7th, the City kicked off its Environment Week by showcasing our benches, which were named Winston and Soofia by local students. As an icon for sustainability and smart city innovation, Soofa attracts tons of attention from the public and the media; we collected some of our favorite articles and social media posts to share our experience launching in Canada. 

4,600+ Social Shares and Counting

Global News Canada's article about the installation was shared over 4,600 times on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the last week. "The city revealed the benches during Environment Week, saying they 'align well with the city’s environmental goals.' 'These benches provide a visible and tangible solar-power experience for citizens,' Mark Brostrom, Edmonton’s director of city environmental strategies, said." Read the full story here. 


Other News Mentions

"The City of Edmonton is giving residents an environmentally-friendly way to charge their phone on the go with the construction of solar-powered public benches." (Huffington Post)

"It gives citizens a chance for hands-on experience with renewable energy," said Chandra Tomaras, the city's program manager of environmental strategies. (CBC News) 

"It’s meant to raise awareness of the benefits of solar energy, giving Edmonton residents a simple way to experience the technology. " (Edmonton Sun)


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