Top 5 Uses of Soofa Pro Data

These Soofa benches will provide a look forward into the future of parks. We know just how valuable the use of technology is and how important it is in our day-to-day experience – and these benches tap into that power by allowing us to measure park usership and engagement while protecting parkgoers privacy and providing a vital service.
— Mitchell J. Silver, Commissioner, NYC Parks

Soofa Pro provides cities and organizations a better way to measure pedestrian traffic in outdoor public spaces; here are the top five uses of our data as told by our beta partners.


  1. Get reliable and accurate baseline data on park and public space use, all the time and in real-time, without having to go out and count by hand. See why this is important for NYC Parks >>

  2. Measure the success of events and programming strategies based on real attendance numbers (this could be anything from food truck festivals and farmers markets to community basketball tournaments and street fairs). Learn how the Park District of Oak Park, IL uses our data to improve its park programming in this case study >>

  3. Make better decisions about capital improvement projects by knowing how people use your park, plaza, downtown main street, or neighborhood block before and after the improvements are made. 

  4. Ask for budget increases or amendments using data on pedestrian use as evidence and support. Show the value your parks and outdoor open spaces provide!

  5. Correlate park and public space use numbers with maintenance spending and replacement schedules for park amenities. 


Learn more about Soofa Pro and how our partner agencies and cities use our data to improve their parks and public spaces for their residents and visitors.