Lime Uses Soofa Signs to Introduce Their “Respect the Ride” Campaign Across Atlanta’s Neighborhoods


The Goal

Lime was founded with the simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility. This commitment to empower smart mobility led to the launch of the Respect the Ride campaign, to provide the entire community with the education and resources to make each trip with a Lime-S scooter a great experience. As micro mobility continues to flourish, especially in the City of Atlanta, Lime partnered with Soofa in keeping the streets and sidewalks safe and accessible to the entire community.


To achieve the ultimate goal in Atlanta of an educated rider community, Lime launched a multi-channel, hyperlocal advertising campaign, reminding riders to wear helmets, abide by local laws, park responsibly, and stay aware of their surroundings when riding.

The Challenge

Lime-S scooters affect all members of a community, whether or not they are riders. As cities and communities adapt to new and smarter modes of transportation, Lime is committed to making rider education their top priority as they solve micro-mobility challenges around the world.

In Atlanta, Lime needed a way to proactively share important rider best-practices at a hyperlocal level, engaging and informing every resident and visitor in the neighborhoods that Lime-S scooters are deployed. But reaching everyone isn’t easy and requires an omni-channel approach, one that can both meet people where they are online and off. How can a company like Lime do this in an authentic and relevant way?

The Solution

By using a citizen-centric OOH advertising platform like Soofa, Lime is able to reach a wide audience of community members who live, work, or travel through the neighborhoods where Lime-S scooters are deployed. Soofa Signs let Lime reach people where they are, offline and in the moment.


Lime shares their Respect the Ride content on Soofa Signs strategically located in Atlanta neighborhoods Inman Park, East Atlanta Village, Kirkwood, and Little Five Points, as well as popular downtown locations around Centennial Park, Peachtree Center, and Woodruff Park. With Soofa’s self-servicing digital platform, Soofa Talk, Lime keeps their content fresh and always aligned with the overarching messaging of the “Respect the Ride” campaign.

“We’re using Soofa Signs in Atlanta to extend our campaign into Atlanta’s most active and walkable neighborhoods, reaching an audience of current riders as well as residents and visitors that may or may not know about our commitment to responsible riding. With Soofa, we are able to engage with people in the physical locations where our scooters are parked and used, which is an extremely valuable complement to our online strategy and street team efforts. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Tony Paske, Head of Field Marketing, Lime

The Results

Lime’s Respect the Ride campaign has gained over a million estimated impressions from Atlanta community members and visitors, successfully encouraging and reminding Lime riders to ride safely and responsibly in their neighborhood.


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Sandra Richter