Soofa Signs launch in Boston Seaport

Dan from Team Soofa shows off the newly-installed Seaport Boulevard Soofa Sign. 

Location is everything. 

Last week we installed Soofa Signs in the world-famous Boston Seaport, the neighborhood that is transforming Boston's waterfront. "A synergistic community of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, Seaport has forged a culture all its own. The atmosphere in Boston Seaport is steeped in history but imbued with a creative, youthful energy."

The Signs are strategically located around One Seaport Plaza—home to world-class retailers like Warby Parker, L.L. Bean, Outdoor Voices, lululemon, and many more—to deliver the right message at the right time to visitors and residents of the neighborhood.

Content displayed on the Signs includes beautifully-designed posts announcing upcoming Seaport events—happenings like She-Village and Seaport Sweat—as well as highly-curated local advertisements from nearby retailers that enchant people walking by. 

An aerial view of the Seaport District at night shows the newly-redeveloped neighborhood as bustling.

Advertising doesn't have to be boring.

The difference between the advertisements displayed on the Soofa Signs in the Seaport and outdoor advertisements one may see on subways or bus stops around the city is that they are fun, they are relevant, and they help make a visitor's time in the neighborhood more enjoyable and a resident's experience living there more unique and fulfilling. They go beyond just another brand impression: they offer people the opportunity to have experiences they otherwise wouldn't have known about. 

Soofa Signs advertise L.L. Bean's unique offerings like corporate team building activities around Greater Boston and the Harbor Islands, as well as recommended hikes and outdoor adventures for all.


Be surprised. Even if you live right next door.

With so much going on in the Seaport, it can be easy as a resident to miss out on a great experience right next door. Soofa Signs share upcoming events, like She-Village, a six-month retail pop-up featuring women-owned businesses. 

While social media and email marketing serve as valuable channels to inform residents and visitors about upcoming events like She-Village, Soofa Signs extend marketing reach to the outdoors, placing messages in front of a captive audience looking for the next fun thing to do in the neighborhood. 

The content on the Signs changes regularly. Like a Facebook wall or Instagram feed for the real world, Soofa Signs are always sharing fresh and relevant information. Soofa serves to help people take action on something that may never have known about otherwise. Soofa Signs enable those serendipitous moments city dwellers long for. 

An advertisement from the Seaport L.L. Bean brick-and-mortar store shows trail maps for Mt. Sugarloaf State Reservation.
An advertisement for Seaport's The Current, a pop-up retail space, highlights the current occupants: She-Village, a collective of female-owned businesses.
A woman strolls past the Soofa Sign in Seaport One with some balloons.