Take back your billboards.

Think about the last time you saw a billboard. What did you see? Was the content relevant – was it something that was happening nearby like an event or a show you could walk to? Was it for a small business nestled into a great neighborhood? Was there any way for you to share something on the billboard? 

The Soofa Sign democratizes communication in outdoor public spaces, for the first time letting the public post things they care about outside in the city they call home. 

We wanted to showcase a couple of our favorite examples from users of our signs in Atlanta from the last week.

ImaniJC is a local Atlanta artist whose work has been featured all across Atlanta, but never on outdoor billboards, until she walked by the Soofa Sign. She saw that she could post to it and later that day created the ad seen below and posted to all of the Soofa Signs across Atlanta. 

In the Freedom Barkway, one of Atlanta's largest dog parks, we asked people to share their best dog pictures with us and we selected the cutest one out – Eli, a lovable English Cocker Spaniel was the winner last week out of the couple dozen we received. 

You can do this, too. Check out Soofa Talk to learn more.