L.L.Bean drives traffic to their Boston Seaport store with local Soofa Signs

The Goal:

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L.L.Bean recently opened a new store in the Seaport and is looking to drive traffic and inform the community about its outdoor classes, programs, and unique seasonal offerings.

The Challenge:

Traditional out-of-home advertising is often static (meaning brand creative needs to be physically printed and exchanged), so the content and messaging that is shown often gets stale quickly and doesn’t keep up with the company’s broader digital strategy. This means out-of-home can become a mass media approach and L.L.Bean needed the ability to personalize its content and make it neighborhood specific. What’s more, L.L.Bean has a commitment to sustainability and will not run ad creative on any digital out-of-home units that are connected to the grid.

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The Solution:

Soofa’s Sign is fully solar-powered and its always-on content management platform meets L.L.Bean’s goals and solves its challenges. L.L.Bean ran its creative in the form of a neighborhood takeover on the Seaport Soofa Signs, running multiple campaigns that changed regularly, at different times of the day and days of the week. This high impact campaign positioned L.L.Bean as the leader in using cutting edge out-of-home technology and reinforced its commitment to sustainability.

The Result:

The initial takeover campaign ran the second half of July 2018, with a full seasonal campaign kicking off October 1, 2018. In the bustling Seaport neighborhood, the campaign received nearly 150,000 impressions over just two weeks, generating buzz and traffic with 10 unique pieces of content.


L.L.Bean keeps its content fresh and always up to date.

Whether announcing the latest store promotion or outdoor experience, L.L.Bean uses the Seaport Soofa Sign network to update its audience.


Content is personalized and creates memorable experiences.

With Soofa Signs located just around the corner from the store, they offer the Outdoor Discovery Schools team a unique and fun way to welcome their next group - or even personally welcome executives dropping by for the day.

LLBean outdoor discovery.jpg

The Be an Outsider campaign comes to life with sponsored local hikes.

The takeover campaign let people know that L.L.Bean has much more than just a retail presence in the Boston Seaport. By creating content like sponsored hikes and favorite New England outdoor activities, L.L.Bean joined the conversation with the outdoorsy audience who lives, works, and plays in the Seaport. Designing QR codes into their creative let people learn more about the hikes and outdoor activities in the moment.


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Sandra Richter