How to Measure Digital Out of Home Campaigns (Without Overcomplicating Your Life)

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By using new technology and planning ahead, advertisers can measure a Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaign’s success. Like any advertising medium, the overall success of a campaign will largely depend on strategy, messaging, and content.

Here are a few tactics that we would recommend considering when planning a DOOH campaign.


Estimated Foot Traffic Impressions from Sensor Technology

If your digital placement uses sensor technology you may be able to measure the actual foot traffic impressions when your ad is running. The Soofa Sensor uses a WiFi receiver to pick up encrypted MAC addresses from smartphones passing by the viewable area of the Soofa Sign.


SMS Calls to Action

We’ve found that SMS calls to action on Signs are highly effective in Soofa Campaigns. Pedestrian passerby are often willing to text to receive a special link or piece of information. These leads are simple to track manually or by using SMS marketing technology.


QR Codes and Social Scan Codes

When you are advertising an event or a special deal at a brick-and-mortar store nearby, we might recommend using unique QR scan codes to measure engagement with the Sign. There are a variety of QR code generators available online, and Snapchat and Instagram accounts both have unique codes that can be generated.

Note: We do not recommend simply listing a unique promo code on out of home, as it is extremely unlikely that a pedestrian will take out their phone to type it in or remember it.


Google Analytics Lift

Measure site traffic lift in the areas you are advertising with Google Analytics visitor tracking.

Digital Campaign Lift

Measure if digital campaigns are performing better in areas where you are also running out of home ads.  


Sales Data Lift

Measure if there is an increase in product sales in the areas where you are running out of home. This is particularly relevant for brick-and-mortar locations and best when compared against a baseline.


Attribution from Sensor Technology

Soofa is currently beta-testing direct attribution from digital out of home placements, allowing us to track attribution from Sign networks to physical locations.


Ready to plan your next digital out of home campaign?

Sandra Richter