Atlanta’s Park Tavern Uses Soofa Signs to Connect Beyond Their Neighborhood


Park Tavern is an Atlanta institution. Located in Midtown Atlanta, and overlooking Piedmont Park, the restaurant and event space is known for its great food and drinks, fun events, and Southern hospitality.

Park Tavern lies at the nexus of Piedmont Park and the entrance to the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine–an ongoing project to physically connect 44 different neighborhoods via defunct rail lines. Between the BeltLine and the expanse of Piedmont Park, thousands of locals and visitors stroll, bike, and scoot past Park Tavern daily.



Since the development of the BeltLine, more people have taken to the streets in a historically car-centric city. 

With more people traveling on bikes, scooters, and on foot, Pilar Tyson, Marketing Director at Park Tavern, noticed an opportunity to increase Park Tavern’s reach beyond digital marketing and on-premise advertisements. 


Park Tavern uses Soofa Talk Local Business to expand their reach beyond their corner of Piedmont Park and across the city's most popular neighborhoods. 


“We are able to amplify beyond our general area to other neighborhoods that we normally wouldn’t reach.”

- Pilar Tyson, Marketing Director, Park Tavern

Soofa Signs inform the neighborhoods in Atlanta about what’s happening right here, right now. For folks traveling up and down the three-mile stretch of the BeltLine, this resource is invaluable. 

Park Tavern is able to upload event flyers and promotions easily on, often repurposing content created for both social and on-premise marketing materials. "Soofa Signs allow the Park Tavern to share our events and messaging across Atlanta and the analytics help us see how many people are seeing our messaging” she explained. 

Soofa Signs provide businesses with an easy to use platform to post content into neighborhoods most relevant to them, while measuring impressions in real time. Businesses can now easily reach neighboring communities whose cultural ecosystem is just as impactful to them as the communities they live in!

Join Park Tavern and other local businesses to expand your reach with Soofa Signs!

Sandra Richter