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Boston Soofa Sign expansion: Deploy or die

Just as every city we work with is different, so is each neighborhood in a city. This means that one size doesn’t fit all in terms of outdoor communication strategy and tools, and working closely with every neighborhood to understand exactly what’s important and why is key. In Boston, we recently launched the third phase of our citywide Soofa Sign installation to continue testing and learning new ways the Soofa Sign adds value to neighborhoods and improves citizen experience

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Making Cold Cool.

Every year, the harsh reality of winter sets in, and over the coming months much of the United States bundles up. With shorter days, plummeting temperatures and cloudy skies many of us have the urge to burrow under a blanket, but inevitably cabin fever sets in and we force ourselves to venture out. The cold has a unique way of bringing people together, there is a twisted sense of solidarity knowing that others are freezing too.

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Tech Innovations In Parks: Notes From Our Presentation At Greater & Greener

Last month, we spoke on the Tech Innovations In Parks panel at the City Parks Alliance Greater and Greener Conference in Minneapolis. We were thrilled to share the stage with Los Angeles Recreation and Parks, Denver Parks and Recreation, and the Land Art Generator. The panel was moderated by our good friends at the National Recreation and Park Association, with whom we’ve partnered on events like the Boston Innovation Lab and collaborated on articles examining the role technology plays in parks.

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NYC's Internet of Things Guidelines: how Soofa's Highbridge Park deployment helped shape them

Written to help cities deploy internet of things technologies in a responsible manner, the City of New York's Internet Of Things Guidelines were published late last year and have been adopted by cities across the globe. Soofa's smart parks deployment with the New York City Parks Department was the first project to follow the guidelines, and helped inform their structure. 

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