Soofa Announced as the Miami-Dade City of Tomorrow Challenge Winner


Imagine a city where public transportation isn’t a chore. Where reliable arrival times are shown at each transit stop, as well as alternative modes of transit when the bus or train isn’t the best option. Where citizens are connected with their community in a transparent and simple way, and can see what’s happening where they are and where they’re going.

The City of Tomorrow Challenge

Ford teamed up with Dell Technologies, AT&T, and Microsoft to launch the City of Tomorrow Challenge, a competition designed to identify and fund pilots of the top human-centered solutions to mobility challenges in cities. Miami-Dade local government, in partnership with Knight Foundation, was one of the cities in the challenge committed to implementing human-centered design in their city to solve real problems for citizens.

We competed with a group of the most innovative entrepreneurs and companies around the world changing urban spaces. Soofa was in the running with 1,008 participants, 133 bright ideas, and was chosen as one of two winners to improve the transportation networks in Miami-Dade.

The Soofa Sign delivers real-time transit arrival information to Miami-Dade residents and visitors, paired with engaging and relevant community content.

Miami-Dade challenged entrants for solutions to making the daily journeys of their citizens fulfilling and adaptable. When we talked to Ana, a resident of Miami-Dade County, she told us, “[I want] real-time bus schedule updates, a way to know when the bus will arrive to minimize fixating your thoughts on when the bus is arriving to something more productive.”

Soofa proposed the installation of the Soofa sign in highly walkable neighborhoods in Miami-Dade to deliver real-time public transit arrival information for the bus and train, as well as alternative modes of transit like bikeshare, scooter share, and walking information. The signs pair this information with relevant community content - with the goal of not only helping people get from point A to point B, but to let them know what to do when they get there.

What Happens Next?

Starting in 2019, the Soofa Sign will be strategically located in walkable neighborhoods across Miami-Dade County as defined through community research, physical site walks, and citizen engagement/neighborhood meetings. These new signs will join the larger Soofa network in Boston, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, and contribute to overall learnings about citizen engagement.

We are extremely excited to support Miami-Dade in achieving the goal of a smart, sustainable, and accessible city, where citizens are inspired and engaged with their public transit.


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Sandra Richter