How Drift Built Social Buzz with a Soofa Digital Out of Home Campaign

Goal: Drift wanted to reach the huge crowds at Atlanta Super Bowl weekend in areas with highest impact using clear, bold branding and awareness messaging for their conversational marketing platform. In addition to reaching the Super Bowl audience, they wanted to get their passionate social following online involved in the fun.

Strategy: Create contextually relevant Soofa Sign content to run in Atlanta’s Downtown and Centennial Park neighborhoods, the epicenter of Super Bowl LIII. Cross-post on social networks like LinkedIn to bridge the gap between physical and digital, effectively expanding the reach of their campaign to multiple audiences.

Results: A relevant, event-centric campaign that spans digital and real-world audiences. Over 200,000 impressions at the most popular sporting event of the year in the U.S., and social content with over 700 engagements and more than 50 people joining the conversation with a comment.


Drift is turning the internet into a two-way conversation. They’ve built a B2B marketing platform, coined the term “conversational marketing,” and cultivated a captive audience around the world. This February, they wanted to make a splash at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta by taking advantage of Soofa’s newly expanded Sign network to reach the game day and Super Bowl week audience on the streets of Atlanta and outside the stadium. It doesn’t stop there, though. True to their company mission, Drift also wanted to get their loyal digital following in on the conversation.

Just days before the big game, Drift quickly took advantage of the expansion of Soofa Sign inventory and developed a fun, bold campaign centered around their conversational marketing platform.

Game-day fans, weekend visitors and, of course, brands who are Drift’s target clients were reminded that they could be getting work done with Drift even while their sales teams were out watching the big game. This content ran over Super Bowl weekend in high-impact neighborhoods surrounding Mercedes-Benz Stadium, reaching a new audience for their platform and creating buzzworthy content to engage their loyal following.

While the outdoor component alone could have been considered a win, Drift’s Soofa campaign didn’t just start and end on Soofa Signs.

Their VP of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt, and CEO, David Cancel, both cross-posted their Soofa campaign on social media, creating a social lift and bringing their current audience into the fun.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.57.47 AM.png
The Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime event to be at, and we wanted to reach people there that day. Plus, our message was a perfect fit — generates leads while your sales team is sleeping, hiking, or at the big game, and that’s true! Drift customers were literally generating leads while they were at the game if they were there.

[Using Soofa] was super easy. We got the specs from the team and then just had to come up with the concept & copy with our team then sent it over to Soofa and boom - next thing you know I am getting texts from David Cancel at the game in front of the sign!
— Dave Gerhardt, VP Marketing, Drift

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