Kendall Square’s CultureHouse Uses Soofa Talk to Connect with Neighbors


In the spring of 2017, Aaron Greiner studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where he was inspired by the community spaces that cultivate fun and local culture. Greiner took this concept and started a similar project called the CultureHouse, a public social space that transforms unused spaces into vibrant places to work, play, and foster connections.

Today, you can find CultureHouse’s latest pop-up in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. It serves as a living room for the community where there is no pressure to buy anything. It is a test kitchen, a third space between work and home, and venue for regular programming where you can enjoy board games and trivia nights, conversation, community dinners, ping pong, and live music. 


CultureHouse wants to raise awareness for their space, continuing to improve livability in their local community by giving the public this designated area to meet their neighbors and have a good time.


As a non-profit organization, CultureHouse was looking for cost effective ways to promote awareness for their fun, inclusive, and commercial free space.

They tried social media, but couldn’t reach everyone they wanted to. Flyers were quickly destroyed, and were time consuming for their team to produce and print. 


CultureHouse uses Soofa Talk to reach people who live, work, and play in their neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 9.56.38 PM.png

They post three times a week on Soofa Signs in Cambridge and surrounding areas to raise awareness for different events they host for the community. As a business leader, Greiner loves that with the Local Business account, CultureHouse can reach a defined audience within Boston. They are given the freedom to:

  • Track impressions online

  • Post ads specifically in the Kendall neighborhood

  • Promote their events and change out content anytime

Join CultureHouse and other local businesses and promote your content on Soofa Signs!

Sandra Richter