LeakyCon Uses Soofa Signs to Reach a New Audience Outside of Digital


Mischief Management has been providing fans with a place to gather and celebrate their shared passions for the past decade. The yearly event lineup is appealing and varied, ranging from BroadwayCon to Con of Thrones to Alien Con. From NYC, Mischief Management brought LeakyCon, a celebration of all things Harry Potter, to Boston for its 10th anniversary in October 2019.


Mischief Management wanted to find a new audience outside of their existing online network of social media fans, email subscribers, and website visitors.

They were looking for a hyperlocal way to reach a brand new Harry-Potter-Loving audience in Boston leading up to the big event. The team wasn’t local to Boston, and wanted to strategically promote their message in the city. 


Soofa chose Boston neighborhoods that aligned with LeakyCon’s current audience demo, and LeakyCon created a custom piece of creative for each neighborhood they were running in, in order to speak to the community in an authentic way.

During the campaign, LeakyCon saw a 6.7% increase in organic and paid search traffic in the Boston zip codes they were running in.

Most importantly, traffic was coming from a new audience of fans that weren’t already in the network, who were hearing about the event for the first time! 

“As out-of-towners, we were really pleased knowing that Soofa was helping us get our message in the right neighborhood. Soofa has the most hands-on reporting that we’ve experienced with out of home, with a user interface that’s very very clear!”

- Shanyce, Marketing Manager, Mischief Management

Sandra Richter