Lime uses the Neighborhood News Feed to Reach People in Atlanta with a Dragon Con Themed Safety Campaign

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Challenge: While Lime has a massive following in Atlanta through their in-app ecosystem and social media channels, there is not an easy way to reach those outside of the ecosystem.

Goal: Take advantage of Dragon Con coming to town and promote safe riding with playful, thematic content that is informative for riders and engaging for all, especially including those who are not in Lime’s ecosystem today. 

Result: Lime’s campaign received over 350,000 impressions across Downtown Atlanta and in some of the city’s most lively neighborhoods - full of both Lime riders and current scooter critics.

The e-scooter scene is heating up in Atlanta - so much so that the city is stepping in with significant regulation. With over nine providers today, the city has begun winnowing down the number of scooter operators, capping the number of scooters available for riders, and decreasing the amount of riding hours per day (the city recently mandated a temporary nighttime e-scooter ban, based on the perception that night time riding is less safe). 

Lime Needed a Hyper Local Channel to Reach People Outside their App Ecosystem.

As a trusted and responsible partner to the city and a vocal advocate for safe scooting, Lime is always looking for new ways to reach people outside of their app and social media following. They were looking to supplement their current outreach efforts that target people outside of their rider base, like hosting safety talks and events. With Dragon Con, a popular multi-genre pop-culture convention, coming to town, the Lime team knew there was a fun opportunity to engage with the excited ATLiens and visitors.

“We are doing a lot, but you need to be in our ecosystem to know about it. Soofa Signs are a great way of reaching people who are not directly in our app or social ecosystem.”

Nima Daivari, Community Affairs Manager, Georgia, Lime

With Soofa, Lime Engages with Hundreds of Thousands of People In The Real World.

After a successful rider safety messaging campaign and a campaign focused on using micro mobility to get around during the 2019 Atlanta Super Bowl, Lime trusts Soofa’s neighborhood news feeds to reach a broad audience in some of the most lively neighborhoods across Atlanta - like Kirkwood, Downtown, Inman Park, and East Atlanta Village. These neighborhoods also correlate positively with high scooter ridership. 


Lime’s goal was to run a hyperlocal safety campaign in places where scooter ridership is highest and most heavily relied upon, and where there are some of the most vocal critics.

The campaign on the neighborhood news feed gave Lime a way to speak to their loyal riders and critics in a way that is authentic, honest, and playful. By working with Soofa, Lime is letting Atlantans know that they are a good neighbor and take safe riding seriously.

Lime got creative with their messaging and content–Making nerd-culture imagery and references in a loving way to play on the Dragon Con takeover of the city. 


Sandra Richter