Lord Hobo Uses Soofa Signs to Speak to the Neighborhood Beer Lover

Located in Woburn, Massachusetts, Lord Hobo Brewing crafts style-defining New England beers that bring people together. They believe that “Beer is the most affordable luxury item in the world and everyone deserves to drink like royalty.”


The Challenge

Despite massive growth throughout New England, the team at Lord Hobo understands the importance of speaking to beer lovers at a neighborhood level. By connecting all types of people through a mutual love of beer, Lord Hobo has cultivated a community of fans who keep coming back.

In addition to engaging their current following with fun, well-timed content, Lord Hobo wanted to introduce itself to a brand new audience of beer lovers in an authentic way.

The Solution

Lord Hobo teamed up with Soofa to strategically place content on Soofa Signs in neighborhoods where their distribution is highest. Now they connect current customers and reach a new audience of Bostonian beer lovers and tourists seeking out the best local brews.

Together we launched “Love Letters from Lord Hobo,” a creative campaign that shares witty and positive one-liners inspired by the personalities of Lord Hobo’s lineup of beers.

Boom Sauce, the boisterous one, tells passersby to “Say it like you mean it.” Hobo Life, the adventurer, reminds people, “You do you.” 617 boasts “banners, banners, everywhere” proudly to the Fenway community.

By posting to Soofa Signs, Lord Hobo reached huge Boston crowds at the most impactful events of the season: Red Sox Opening Day and the Boston Marathon.

During the Red Sox Home Opener, Soofa Signs in the Fenway area were part of the launch strategy for Lord Hobo’s 617 beer, which has since become the second best seller at Fenway Park. With Soofa, Lord Hobo continues to have an always-on presence in the Fenway neighborhood, staying top of mind with its current customer base and inviting the beer-loving passerby to give one of their many nearby beers on tap a try.

Whether they’re building a new audience or making their current one smile, Lord Hobo (Or, more specifically, their Freebird ale) wants to remind fans that “the world is yours.”


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