Maximize your Local Reach with Soofa’s Neighborhood News Feed

TL;DR: Soofa Talk lets you access neighborhood news feeds in your community. There are three ways you can do so, based on your goals and the impact you’d like to have!

Neighbor: For people with something fun to share with friends and their city. Neighbor users are posting content that is not commercial in nature. 

Local Business: For small businesses, typically with a brick and mortar storefront, or who consider their neighbors their customers. Start a free trial!

Enterprise: For organizations and businesses who have a message to share across many neighborhoods to reach hundreds of thousands of people. 

Soofa is the neighborhood news feed that everyone can see and anyone can use.

With Soofa, your message reaches people in the real world - on our beautifully designed screens in the sidewalks in neighborhoods people live in, work in, and visit. Whether you are a local business owner, a neighbor or visitor, a staff member from a city, or you represent a large business, you can access the neighborhood news feed to share messages and content with communities. 


Neighbor members can share messages with their city

Wondering where you should begin? You can post anytime with Soofa Talk.

With a Soofa Neighbor account, you can post non-commercial content for free across your city.

Your post will show for two minutes at a time and will be part of a rotating stream of amazing, beautifully designed, local content. Posting as a community user is perfect if you have an event you’d like people to come to in your neighborhood, art you’d like to share with your neighbors, or a message that will make people smile. 

If you’d like to have more reach and an even bigger impact through a paid advertising campaign, there are two tiers that will be perfect for you: Local Business and Enterprise.

Local Business accounts are ideal for small businesses

Do you have a brick and mortar location in a neighborhood with Soofa Signs? In a neighborhood nearby? Are you looking to drive traffic and build a deeper relationship with your current and potential customers?

Soofa Talk Local Business lets you post 3 pieces of content at a time in the neighborhoods of your choice, receiving 10,000 impressions per month. Impressions are tracked by a sensor and your content is delivered evenly throughout the month to ensure you maximize your campaign’s reach. You can start a free trial of our Local Business plans to see if Soofa is right for your business!

DSC_2912 copy.jpg

Successful examples of Local Business content include wayfinding (telling people where you are and how to get there), event schedules, flash sales and specials, and customer reviews.

Enterprise accounts give your campaign the greatest reach

Do you want to reach a large audience across multiple neighborhoods? Do you want to amplify a digital campaign by bringing your content to the real world? Do you need a more authentic, engaging way to connect with your local audience than a typical billboard or transit ad?

Soofa Talk Enterprise gives you the most reach and a dedicated customer success manager to ensure your campaign is always optimized for the neighborhood news feed. 

Soofa Talk Enterprise plans start with 100,000 impressions and the ability to post content to specific neighborhoods. You can scale up your campaign anytime and change content as frequently as you’d like. Monthly campaign reports and a personal analytics dashboard keep track of your campaign’s success and status. 

Our Enterprise partners include Lime Scooters, who has run multiple safety campaigns in some of Atlanta’s most loved and vibrant neighborhoods. Wayfair leverages the neighborhood news feed across Boston to help their recruiting team find great local talent. Their creative hiring campaigns include engineering puzzles and stories from current employees. The New England Revolution take advantage of the neighborhood news feed as a community asset by pairing their campaigns with in-person activations


Sandra Richter