Newport US Realty Uses Soofa Signs to Keep Atlantans Updated on Pop Up Row Happenings

Photo via South Downtown

Photo via South Downtown

In the early 1900’s, Atlanta’s Mitchell Street earned the title “Hotel Row” after it was developed to accommodate the high numbers of travelers around the city’s main railroad hub, Terminal Station.

Photo via South Downtown

Photo via South Downtown


100 years later, Newport US Realty has rein-stilled energy and pedestrian activity into the area through the sponsorship of eight unique pop-up shops. Coined “Pop Up Row,” this area of Atlanta’s South Downtown also includes live music, artwork, food trucks, and other shopping options. 


The Challenge

The team at Newport US Real Estate wanted to build awareness of Pop Up Row and introduce Atlantans and visitors to each new pop-up shop, letting them know this new attraction is just down the street.

With daily events and entertainment along Pop Up Row changing regularly, Newport US RE also needed an easy way to keep people up to date on everything from live music performances to food truck schedules and special offerings and promotions from the retailers. 

The Solution

Newport US RE reached locals and visitors with Soofa Signs in the Downtown and Centennial Park District neighborhoods. The Newport US RE team worked with Soofa to create individual promotions for the each of the pop-up shops, designed to highlight the unique elements and products each shop has to offer. The shop owners and teams got involved, too, sharing their Soofa Sign posts on social media to increase their reach. 


Because Soofa Signs are digital and can be adjusted remotely, they are perfect for keeping people updated on what’s happening close by –they let people experience things they may have never known about otherwise.

With the help of the neighborhood news feed, Newport US Real Estate has driven pedestrian traffic and transformed an area once thought to be past its prime into the premier place for shopping and nightlife in Downtown Atlanta.

Sandra Richter