Somernova Introduces Soofa Neighborhood News Feeds to Somerville Campus

Soofa Co-founder Jutta Friedrichs and Rafi Properties CEO Colin Yip

Soofa Co-founder Jutta Friedrichs and Rafi Properties CEO Colin Yip

Soofa is collaborating with Somernova to bring neighborhood news feeds empowering local businesses and movers and shakers to share their message and connect with the community. 

Rooted in Somerville’s Union Square neighborhood, Somernova sprawls over 7.4 acres and vibes a spirit of fearless exploration and originality. A culture crafted by its unique tenant mix from 3D printing and nanotechnology, urban rock climbing, the largest clean-tech startup incubator in U.S., a non-profit hacker & maker space, a brewery, and more. Since its inception, this entrepreneurial epicenter has been known as a place where people iterate ideas and test the boundaries of what is possible. 

Somernova encourages experimentation both inside its walls and out, it is a place to push the envelope on all levels.

You can find delicious food at the Tasting Counter, great beer at Aeronaut, awesome activities like climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, and run into hundreds of makers and entrepreneurs on a daily basis. In fact, some of the first Soofa products were prototyped at Artisan’s Asylum, one of the largest hackerspaces in the country. 

I am so excited that Soofa Signs are finally here at our campus. There is a ton of really cool stuff happening behind our doors. The things that the businesses are doing here are so exciting, and it’s a great way for us to get that message and that information outside for the community to enjoy.”

- Jessica Ryan, Asset Manager at Somernova


Soofa’s neighborhood news feeds will work to connect the community with screens everyone can see and anyone can use. 

"We're incredibly excited to expand to the Somernova campus. We're a company with deep roots in the Somerville community, and we can't wait to help amplify the voices of the people and businesses here."

- Jutta Friedrichs, Co-founder of Soofa, Somerville resident

Sandra Richter