Soofa Goes International

Soofa officially is an international company! A Soofa Bench was installed in Essen, Germany this week by RWE, the second-largest energy company in Germany. Soofa's founders are all from Germany, so it is very exciting to have a presence there. The installation of the Soofa Bench is just one of many innovative moves RWE has been making within the renewable energy realm. RWE has been investing into wind power and launched "e-Mobility Berlin", a joint electric car and charging station initiative, with carmaker Daimler.

Pictured below are the Chairman of the Board of RWE, Dr. Arndt Neuhaus, and the Mayor of Essen, Reinhard Paß, with the new Soofa Bench. RWE also put together a wonderful video of the Soofa Bench and interview with Soofa co-founder Jutta Friedrichs. Granted, the video is in German, but it's so well done you could enjoy it in any language. Watch here. 

Soofa is thrilled by their excitement! 

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