What is an impression? And how do Soofa Signs measure them?

Soofa Signs are smart, social, and sustainable. They provide local communities with a platform everyone can see and anyone can use to promote local events, share art, advertise local businesses, and spread relevant messages throughout the neighborhood. 

Soofa Signs can measure how many people have seen a piece of content that is running on the Signs, using a metric that is called impressions. As a Soofa Talk user, your impressions number is a count of how many people have walked by the Sign while your content is running. For example, if you received 15,000 impressions last week, that means 15,000 people walked by the Soofa Sign while your content was on the screen.


How we gather impressions is different from how other platforms do, using technology unique to Soofa.

Soofa Signs have sensors that detect how many nearby phones are trying to connect to a WiFi network. Signs count how of these smartphone signals pass by a 12’ cone radius around the screen, counting each signal as an impression. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.15.59 AM.png

Unlike billboards or posters, Soofa Signs track how many people have likely seen your content.

This allows business owners to understand the impact of their messaging in a community. If you’re a local business or enterprise user, you have access to a live analytics dashboard on SoofaTalk.com, letting you know how many impressions you are getting. Impressions are delivered evenly throughout the month to ensure that you maximize your campaign’s reach!

Together, we can better engage our communities and measure the impact of advertising using smart technology.

Sandra Richter