Soofa Signs Contribute to Kendall Square Placemaking, Build Neighborhood Community


Soofa partnered with BioMed and the Kendall Square Association (KSA) to bring the KSA’s summer calendar to life in the real world on Soofa Signs.

The summer calendar is one of the KSA’s many initiatives to build community in Kendall Square. With so much programming happening every day in the neighborhood, the summer calendar is a central source of information for everyone who works in Kendall Square, is visiting for the day or going to class, or calls the neighborhood home.

The KSA, BioMed, and Soofa share a vision for the future of Kendall Square to be a thriving, livable community.

The neighborhood is rapidly evolving with new buildings coming up before our eyes, great companies leasing office space, an engaged and inspired workforce coming in everyday, and more and more people calling Kendall Square home. To maintain connectedness of people during this growth phase, the KSA, BioMed, and the ecosystem of innovative real estate developers and companies are encouraging idea-sharing by the people already in the neighborhood — and the people they critically need who may not have considered Kendall a place for them — by increasing Kendall’s ‘bump factor’.


BioMed is a leading real estate developer in Kendall Square, responsible for major transformation in the neighborhood over the past 20 years. Recently, BioMed led the rebranding of the Canal District to reflect the unique identity and experience of the place. The Soofa Sign is an important element in helping cement the Canal District’s artistic and communal identity; pairing well with the newly opened Culture House, coined “The Living Room of the Community.”

“BioMed Realty is looking forward to a continued partnership with Soofa and sharing the upcoming stream of Canal District events with its residents, working professionals, and visitors. The Canal District is proud to support a local business and the focus on locally owned restaurants and retailers. The Soofa Sign provides another way to highlight all they have to offer. This is a great way to bring the community together and showcase everything around Kendall Square and the Canal District.” - David M. Vittori, Property Manager, BioMed Realty

Placemaking is a key component of creating community in Kendall Square - for everyone, everyday.

Ed Krafcik, Soofa’s VP of City Development, and a former urban designer, is on the Placemaking Committee for the Kendall Square Association. Placemaking in the context of Kendall Square includes introducing new technology, using design to create great spaces, even if just for the short term through pop ups, and actively programming events for all people to enjoy. 

“Having a Soofa Sign in the newly designed Canal District in Kendall Square is a great example of how the Kendall Square Association catalyzes collaboration between its partners to ultimately make the neighborhood and its public spaces more connected and activated.” - Ed Krafcik, VP of City Development, Soofa.

Sandra Richter