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Loretta’s Last Call promotes events using neighborhood Soofa Signs

Loretta’s hosts dozens of events per month in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, an extremely competitive market for bars, restaurants, and event venues. Loretta’s needed a new way to reach potential customers with advertising that fit their community-oriented roots. By leveraging their neighborhood Soofa Signs, Loretta’s now reaches people while they are out and about in the neighborhood and informs them about events at Loretta’s that are happening that week, day, or moment.

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Viva Las Vegas

What comes to mind when you think about signage in Las Vegas? Do you think of something big, bright, and flashy? Do you imagine it telling you about an upcoming show at a nearby hotel or a special deal at a club or casino down the street? Do you think of it as advertising entertainment for out of town visitors? Do you think of it serving as a tool that helps build a more livable community?

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