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Boston Soofa Sign expansion: Deploy or die

Just as every city we work with is different, so is each neighborhood in a city. This means that one size doesn’t fit all in terms of outdoor communication strategy and tools, and working closely with every neighborhood to understand exactly what’s important and why is key. In Boston, we recently launched the third phase of our citywide Soofa Sign installation to continue testing and learning new ways the Soofa Sign adds value to neighborhoods and improves citizen experience

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Soofa and Harpoon team up to bring people together because “isn’t that what drinking beer is all about?”

With so many new bars, restaurants, and events popping up in the Boston’s Seaport District on a daily basis, Harpoon Brewery needed to remind people that their brewery and beer hall is just down the road, serving amazing beer and hosting lively events daily. With the Soofa Sign, Harpoon is able to reach visitors and residents alike on the sidewalks of the Seaport and remind them that a cold, locally-brewed Harpoon is just a short walk away.

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Loretta’s Last Call promotes events using neighborhood Soofa Signs

Loretta’s hosts dozens of events per month in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, an extremely competitive market for bars, restaurants, and event venues. Loretta’s needed a new way to reach potential customers with advertising that fit their community-oriented roots. By leveraging their neighborhood Soofa Signs, Loretta’s now reaches people while they are out and about in the neighborhood and informs them about events at Loretta’s that are happening that week, day, or moment.

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