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Prince George's County Parks uses the Soofa Sign to engage, inform, and inspire resident and visitors

Signage in parks, when done well, enhances the overall experience for park goers. As Peter Harnik so eloquently puts it in his piece in Parks and Recreation Magazine, “Parks without any signs are certainly deficient, but parks with useless or annoying signs can be cluttered, alienating or even counter-productively infuriating. On the other hand, parks with great signs can lift spirits, educate users, build solidarity and be downright entertaining.”

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The Town of Cary, NC activates its Downtown Park with the Soofa Sign

The Town of Cary is the first to bring the Soofa Sign to North Carolina. Located in the first phase of its recently opened Downtown Park, the Soofa Sign is used to promote events at the park, inform residents and visitors about what’s happening nearby, and provide updates on the continued development of the remaining seven acres of the premier park.

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Tech Innovations In Parks: Notes From Our Presentation At Greater & Greener

Last month, we spoke on the Tech Innovations In Parks panel at the City Parks Alliance Greater and Greener Conference in Minneapolis. We were thrilled to share the stage with Los Angeles Recreation and Parks, Denver Parks and Recreation, and the Land Art Generator. The panel was moderated by our good friends at the National Recreation and Park Association, with whom we’ve partnered on events like the Boston Innovation Lab and collaborated on articles examining the role technology plays in parks.

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