Why Soofa Signs are Grayscale


The Soofa Sign is a sustainable outdoor digital medium. It is placed in amazing locations on the sidewalks of some of the busiest and most desirable neighborhoods across Boston and Atlanta.

Soofa Signs are capable of displaying content with super high-resolution electronic paper, generating unprecedented user engagement. Imagine: a giant Kindle Reader on the sidewalk in your neighborhood. 

Grayscale content offers high contrast for excellent street level legibility. In fact, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the color combinations of black on white and white on black are the 2nd and 4th most legible out of 18 possible primary and secondary color pairings (OAAA).

So, as you plan your next outdoor digital marketing campaign with Soofa, these are the top four reasons to remember why the neighborhood news feed features a grayscale display:

  1. High engagement

  2. Great locations

  3. Sustainable design

  4. Superior resolution


Grayscale content is perceived as information and leads to high engagement: Hundreds of hours of field testing by our content and design team at Soofa show that grayscale content in outdoor urban environments drives higher engagement. Passersby on foot perceive grayscale content to be informational - something worth stopping and reading. 

Less intrusive display technology enables Soofa to be permitted in great locations where other outdoor digital advertising mediums can’t go: Soofa’s grayscale display is approved by residents, local businesses, and city leaders. The Soofa Sign meets Vision Zero guidelines; this means they can be placed at eye level on busy sidewalks where other color digital displays are not allowed because they distract people driving. Typically, Soofa’s locations are approved following numerous public meetings - a testament to the demand from residents and business owners. 

You can find the neighborhood news feed in the heart of mixed use neighborhoods where few or no outdoor advertising screens are available today. The signs are part of peoples’ everyday lives when they are on their way to the coffee shop, commuting to work, or hanging out with friends.

Low power electronic paper is solar powered and sustainable: The neighborhood news feed is a low power, electronic paper display, which is fully solar-powered and sustainable. You can feel good when you advertise with Soofa knowing you aren’t requiring printed materials or relying on large LCD displays that draw a huge amount of power from the grid.  

The neighborhood news feed gives you the opportunity to share outdoor digital creative at a superior resolution: Think of the Soofa Sign as a really big street level Kindle Reader. We chose electronic paper because it is double the resolution of a traditional LCD display, meaning photographs are extremely sharp at 150 dpi. The screens are also much easier to read in bright sun - imagine trying to read a smart phone at the beach, versus reading from your Kindle screen.


Great brands and businesses use Soofa successfully today to achieve their goals of reaching pedestrians where they live, work, and play.


Sandra Richter