Soofa Bench at MIT's famous Stata Center

Soofa Bench at MIT's famous Stata Center

Keep people connected

Most people spend a lot of time on campus no matter if they work or study there. Encourage them to be outside and stay connected. The Soofa Bench is a great place to have lunch, charge up the phone and have a conversation, hopefully about renewable energy.

Learn about space usage

Do you know the favorite spots on campus or how many visitors are on site throughout the day? With Soofa Data you can. Add a sensor to your bench and get started with space analytics to learn more about space usage. This will inform resource allocation and campus planning. 

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Branded for your campus

At Soofa we know how important a brand is to tell a story. A brand is the identity of an organization and campuses have history and a strong identity. While ever changing, consistent branding across campus it important. Both the Soofa Bench and the Soofa Sign can be customized for your campus. 

Early Adopter Program for the Soofa Sign

The Soofa Bench is already on the great campuses across the country. The Soofa Sign is next. Already informing students and passer-by at Kendall/MIT transit stop on travel times and events, your campus could be next.