Soofa Bench

The solar-powered bench that charges phones and monitors its environment. Launched in Boston in 2014, now in 30 states, 5 countries, and over 75 cities. 

Friends Bench.jpg

A Social Space

The Soofa bench charges people's phones. Space for 3 people to sit. Inviting and welcoming in bold colors. Blend of modern and traditional appearance to fit in anywhere. Great for parks, bus stops, downtown plazas, and wherever people tend to gather. Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQs.


A Sensor Platform

The Soofa Bench sensor, Soofa Pro, measures activity in outdoor public spaces. You can see how people are using the spaces in your city, neighborhood, or mixed-use real estate project. It brings benches into the internet era and gives you detailed insights into space utilization. Learn more here. See how the Park District of Oak Park, IL uses Soofa data in this case study.






A Communication Tool

Share your message with your community, recognize a sponsor, or give your brand a boost in the outdoor environment. The Soofa Bench backrest add on is the perfect way to communicate with passerby and people who need a charge. Easily print your graphic on an acrylic sign and slide it into the backrest hardware. You can keep it the same, change it by the season, or for different events. 

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Sustainable Energy

The Soofa Bench is made of sustainably harvested materials and built in the United States. And best of all its solar powered. No wiring or infrastructure required to get going.




Westin CoreWESTIN CORE edit.jpg

Soofa Core

The Soofa Core provides the same functionality as the Soofa Bench while its smaller footprint allows it to be a great addition to locations where a full bench may not be the best fit. Learn more.