Soofa Might be Coming to your City Soon

Austin, Los Angeles and Cambridge were selected into the Soofa Early Adopter Program to lead the effort to make public spaces smart, social and sustainable with eco-friendly furniture for the digital age.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Soofa today announced the cities leading the effort of the Soofa Early Adopter Program. 

Soofa Benches will be placed into the new EcoDistrict in the City of Austin, support the Great Streets Initiative in Los Angeles and build a R&D network in the City of Cambridge.

Soofa installed 10 Soofa Benches in Boston as a pilot program with phenomenal success. The Soofa Benches are used everyday by city dwellers charging up their electronic devices like smart phones or speakers with solar energy. Sponsored by Cisco, the Soofa Benches were placed in parks, at playgrounds, and on sports fields. Soofa turned into an icon for smart, social and sustainable cities receiving continuous press worldwide. After receiving countless e-mails from all over the USA and the world, the team decided to start an Early Adopter Program for innovative cities to bring Soofa Benches to their people. While the lead cities are selected Soofa continues to accept applications to the program. The creators behind Soofa are three women who share one vision: getting people out of their homes and into a smarter and more sustainable city.

Sandra Richter3 Comments