Cambridge Ice Cream Shop Toscanini’s Installs Soofa Bench

CAMBRIDGE: Soofa is excited to announce the installation of a Soofa Bench outside Toscanini’s ice cream shop in Cambridge. Toscanini’s is a Cambridge icon, and known for both its delicious ice cream and cutting-edge flavor experiments. The solar-powered Soofa Bench charges mobile devices via USB, modernizing outdoor spaces in the process. Passerby can grab a cone, cup of coffee, and charge at the home of what The New York Times calls the  “the World’s Best Ice Cream”.

Toscanini’s has gained its legendary status through a commitment to ice cream innovation. It was no surprise, then, that they wanted innovate their benches by becoming a Soofa Bench early adopter. Toscanini’s Soofa Bench was the first installed in Cambridge. Thirteen more benches will be installed around Cambridge during early June 2015.

About Toscanini’s:

Deemed “The World's Best Ice Cream” by The New York Times, we at Toscanini’s take our ice creams, coffees and teas seriously, as do our customers. In September, 1981 Toscanini’s was founded by Gus Rancatore, Kurt Jaenicke, Pearl Morrison, Janet Rosenblatt, Rich Johnston, Diane Depczenski, Pat Johnston, Miriam Stewart, Donna Muffoletto, Cornelia Rancatore, Eleanor Rancatore and Mimi Rancatore, all of whom worked for free and made contributions that enabled the 800 square foot ice cream store at 899 Main Street to survive its first year. After 27 years of hard work and dedication, Toscanini’s is now a widely successful family business. All of our ice cream is homemade in store. We are always interested in new flavors. Learn more at, or visit us at 899 Main St, Cambridge, MA.

About Soofa:

Soofa is committed to reinvent overlooked but ubiquitous city infrastructure, like benches. It was founded by a team of female engineers and designers from Harvard and MIT and leads the smart city applications space. Their most recent product, the Soofa Bench was piloted with the City of Boston in 2014. Based on the product’s success, 100 Soofa Benches have been installed by early adopters in 7 U.S. States. Soofa makes the city of tomorrow, today. Visit

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