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About Soofa

Soofa is a female founded company, launched out of MIT and Harvard in 2014. We make cities smart, social, and sustainable by responsibly introducing technology into the public right of way to improve the citizen experience, because we believe that technology can benefit everyone in any neighborhood.

Our Soofa Sign displays not only real-time transit arrival information but also community content that engages transit riders, connecting them to their neighborhood and city. We provide a platform for everyone in the community to have a voice and post to the Sign with Soofa Talk.


Our Leadership Team

Sandra Y. Richter is Soofa's CEO and Co-Founder. While at MIT, she worked with municipalities in South Africa, Japan, China, and Europe on smart transportation systems in collaboration with companies like Volkswagen, Lockheed Martin, and Verizon to define smart city strategies and evaluate business models. She co-founded Soofa in 2014 to deploy smart, social, and sustainable city technology in neighborhoods all around the world. She is a city dweller in Cambridge, MA.

Jutta Friedrichs is Soofa’s Co-Founder and VP of Operations. With over ten years of experience in design and development of innovative products and services in the UK, China and the U.S., Jutta compulsively generates ideas, simplifies complex issues, optimizes processes, and builds disruptive businesses through creative thought leadership and management. Jutta co-founded Xindao’s product design studio and her furniture design studio, MÜ, in Shanghai before earning her Masters at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She now serves as a mentor at the Harvard Innovation Lab and has earned multiple international design awards, including two Red Dot Awards.

Ed Krafcik is the VP of City Development at Soofa, responsible for bringing Soofa technology into cities around the world and developing strategic partnerships with elected and appointed officials, real estate developers, and organizations and individuals shaping the public realm. He is a former urban designer and landscape architect and prior to Soofa worked on neighborhood and city-wide community development projects across the U.S., tourism master planning in the Middle East, and detailed public space and park design globally. Ed is a long time city dweller, has been car-less for over ten years, and can always be found searching for the next best neighborhood.

Ed Borden is the VP Software at Soofa, managing the company's data analytics, content delivery, and device management infrastructures and numerous customer-facing applications. He is also the lead on customer and product development efforts. Ed is an urban infrastructure and citizen engagement enthusiast with a love for molding technologies that turn increased mobility, health, and activity into economic drivers. Prior projects include a modular sensor platform at Bug Labs, IoT data platforms at Pachube, Thingful, and Scriptr, and a crowd-sourced air quality initiative on Kickstarter (Best in Science 2012). He also taught MFA IoT product design and prototyping at Parson's New School. Ed can frequently be found flying, on a motorcycle, or cruising the local live music scene.

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