Soofa Referral Program

Spread the Soofa love!

Make your campaign even more memorable and impactful with a boost in reach from Soofa’s referral program.

Refer your colleagues to Soofa and receive a free month. If they join the Soofa family, you’ll receive an additional free month for your campaign!

How to participate:

We would love for you to refer Soofa to other businesses in your network.

Here’s who is a good fit for Soofa:

  • Local, regional, or national businesses with a marketing budget

  • Businesses who have Boston or Atlanta based audiences

  • Interested in raising brand awareness, sponsoring a community asset, and/or looking for a unique offline marketing channel to round out their strategy

How to describe Soofa:

Soofa creates solar powered, digital Signs found in Boston and Atlanta. Soofa Signs are like social media for the world, displaying relevant, engaging, and beautifully designed content from the community, businesses, and the city to connect people to each other, their neighborhood, and city. Businesses can post to Soofa Signs with our self-service platform called Soofa Talk and content can be changed out anytime.

You may also want to share our Explore Page, which shows all Soofa Sign locations.

How to refer someone:

Send an introductory email and CC We’ll take it from there!