How Soofa® Is Turning Cities Into R&D Labs

Your smart city project doesn't need to have a million dollar budget. At Soofa we believe it starts with four bolts. With those bolts in the ground you get a smart city icon which sparks conversations. You then can add services like wifi or street level activity analysis with simple upgrades valuable to you and the public. Soofa is based in Cambridge's innovation hub between MIT and Harvard. Naturally Cambridge and Boston are our R&D testing ground. We are about to start with two additional R&D partner cities for advancing our technology. They will be announced in May 2016. In all R&D projects we embed sensors. See our Privacy Policy to see how we collect, use and share data. 

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Our Approach: People First

  • We provide services to close the Digital Divide. 
  • We turn data into consumable insights everyone can understand.
  • We are committed to building trust into the Smart City. 

White papers

Smart Parks is the first white paper in our Smart City Research Series. Our next topic will focus on the Digital Divide. We are looking for collaborators who are spearheading technologies and policies that improve Digital Equity. 

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Smart Parks

In our work with cities across the U.S. we identified a need for better tools to measure the positive impact of parks. We believe that with the right technology and data, park users and park champions can be empowered to do a better job communicating the value of parks, and achieving the goals of parks departments.

We created this white paper to emphasize the scale of parks’ influence and the importance of innovating in public space. Turning to technology and new uses for parks will be of even greater importance as parks fight for funding due to budget cuts and aging infrastructure needs.

Published March 2016

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