Introducing Soofa Pro, a better way to measure pedestrian traffic in your parks.

Sustainable, solar powered smart park benches and outdoor furnishings charge phones with USB ports, serve as icons for the millennial and connected generations, and count the number of people using your parks all day, every day. Learn more below. 

Soofa Pro is used by parks and recreation agencies like the Park District of Oak Park, New York City, Prince George's County, Oklahoma City, and more to improve the quality of parks for people.

  Locations are Soofa Pro smart benches, each equipped with sensors that count people within a 150 foot radius. The lines on the graph are the number of people at each location every day of the month. 

Locations are Soofa Pro smart benches, each equipped with sensors that count people within a 150 foot radius. The lines on the graph are the number of people at each location every day of the month. 

With Soofa Pro smart urban furniture, parks and recreation agencies measure their park use like never before. By knowing park traffic and activity levels, our parks and recreation partners do the following:

  • Measure the success of capital improvement projects based on how people actually use a renovated or newly constructed park. 
  • Know how popular and busy events are based on attendance. Then evaluate multiple events against each other to know what to replicate. 
  • Request budget increases or amendments using accurate, real-time data on park use for justification. 

Gain new and extremely valuable insights into your parks' use with simple, easy to use reports and data exporting tools.

We measure park traffic with a sensor placed inside our smart urban furniture, like the Soofa Bench. Our sensor has a coverage radius of about 150 feet so you can count pedestrian traffic in many park settings - all people have to do is walk by within 150 feet. With our sensor you can also measure the repeat visitation rate to your parks and analyze the most popular routes of foot travel in or between your parks. Below you can see some of the data visualizations that are possible with Soofa Pro. Data is available for easy export via comma-separated value files (csv), too. Learn more about how our data is collected, analyzed, and shared here >>

Activity Location 1 MonthDayViz.JPG


Monthly Park Use Trend Analysis

Monthly view of park traffic shows which days are the busiest, as shown in yellow, and which days are the slowest, shown in blue.

Flow-Line Viz.JPG

Popular Routes of Travel

Flow analysis reveals which locations are the most connected, illustrating popular routes of travel either between parks or in a single park. The thicker lines indicate the most popular routes of travel.

Daily Park User Counts

Hourly data per day provides insights into how your parks are used during special programs, permitted and non-permitted events, and offers you the opportunity to compare park use during different days of the week.

In the first six months, we’ve already been able to spot differences in usage patterns in the four parks where a Soofa Core was installed. And we are starting to see how park visitation is impacted by rentals, holidays, weather, construction, as well as the number of attendees at a special event or number of people that take advantage of temporary offerings like outdoor ice rinks or art installations.
— Bobbi Nance, Senior Manager of Strategy + Innovation, Park District of Oak Park, IL

These Soofa benches will provide a look forward into the future of parks. We know just how valuable the use of technology is and how important it is in our day-to-day experience – and these benches tap into that power by allowing us to measure park usership and engagement while protecting parkgoers privacy and providing a vital service.
— Mitchell J. Silver, Commissioner, NYC Parks Department

Want to be next to measure how much your parks are getting used? Let us know more about your data needs and our team will be in touch within 24 hours to see how we can help.