We're here to help you maximize the benefit to your community with Soofa's Internet of Things smart urban furniture ecosystem. Should any issues arise or you need help along the way, our support team is always available. 

  Warren Jackson , Customer Success at Soofa

Warren Jackson, Customer Success at Soofa


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Email: support@soofa.co

Phone: 857-529-7786

Soofa Care Warranty

Did you purchase Soofa Care, our five year warranty extension for your Soofa product? You will receive additional support and technology coverage directly from Soofa's support team. Not sure if you purchased Soofa Care, please contact support anytime to find out. 

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To learn how our standard monthly public space pedestrian activity reports are created and what each graph illustrates, please read the in depth data analytics post here >>

Summary of Soofa Pro functionality and case studies

Soofa data privacy policy


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