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Outdoor media for digital marketers big and small.


Soofa Sign's black and white 42" electronic paper display is a platform for beautiful digital advertisements in the real world.


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real-world reach

Soofa Signs are located in the most walkable thoroughfares throughout our communities. No ad-blockers or bots, just real people.

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smart technology

Soofa Signs are connected, enabling you to easily upload new, relevant, and neighborhood-specific content. Upload content anytime, from any device with our self-service platform.

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measurable impact

Soofa Signs measure pedestrian traffic in real time, so you can always understand how many people saw your creative.


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content where eyes look

Soofa Sign advertisements are adjacent to relevant content, including real-time transit information, rideshare wait times, and upcoming local events.


electronic paper

Soofa Sign's high-resolution, glare-free electronic paper display renders your advertisements in gorgeous black and white using 100% solar energy.


targeted content

Personalize your out-of-home reach. Communicate the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. No ad-blocking or bot traffic.

Expand the reach of your social media campaigns, or let our creative team design custom content for your brand.

An ad targeted at the Kendall Square audience reads "Welcome MIT Students."

easy content management

Our simple self-service platform called Soofa Talk allows advertisers to upload new creative within minutes, whenever you like.


walkable market areas

Soofa Signs are located in lively and walkable urban neighborhoods across the United States.


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Are you a brand looking to expand your reach with digital outdoor marketing? Soofa offers consultative and creative services to help you better reach your target audience.


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With Soofa, we are able to engage with people in the physical locations where our scooters are parked and used, which is an extremely valuable complement to our online strategy and street team efforts. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
— Tony Paske, Head of Field Marketing, Lime
Our Instagram and our Facebook page are now receiving more and more likes daily and we have been able to reach out to our immediate community, which is our target audience. All of our monitored sites are reporting an increase in views which can only mean an increase in interest by our guests.
— Mercedes Medina, Champions Restaurant, Marriott Hotels