Prince George's County Parks uses the Soofa Sign to engage, inform, and inspire resident and visitors

A new Soofa Sign shows an advertisement for golf in Prince George's County.

Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation continues to innovate with Soofa. After being an early adopter of Soofa Benches and smart parks sensors in 2016 and 2017, the Innovation Task Force expanded its network of Soofa technology by being the first park and recreation agency to install the Soofa Sign in 2018.


In Prince George’s County’s parks, Soofa Signs are used to:

  • Market county park festivals and events.

  • Advertise the great work being done by the Parks and Recreation Department, describing how it improves the quality of life for residents in Prince George’s County.

  • Provide dynamic wayfinding, not only telling people where things are but also what’s happening there in the moment.


Signage in parks, when done well, enhances the overall experience for park goers. As Peter Harnik so eloquently puts it in his piece in Parks and Recreation Magazine, “Parks without any signs are certainly deficient, but parks with useless or annoying signs can be cluttered, alienating or even counter-productively infuriating. On the other hand, parks with great signs can lift spirits, educate users, build solidarity and be downright entertaining.”


“As the first Parks and Recreation agency to install Soofa Signs, the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation is an important partner for us - we are able to work closely with their staff to advance the features we offer on our sign to be most impactful and beneficial for not only Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation staff, community partners, and of course, the public, but also other parks and recreation agencies across the country,” says Sandra Richter, Soofa cofounder and CEO.

A father and his children stroll past a Soofa Sign near the water's edge in a park.