Las Vegas: City of the Future

The City of Las Vegas partnered with Soofa to build community and enhance neighborhood experience with digital signage. 

The first phase of Soofa Signs are strategically located along the Downtown Loop, a free shuttle service for locals and visitors. The Signs share important information about what's happening in the neighborhood in real-time: 

  • Next bus arrival times

  • Community events

  • Local business advertisements

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The City deployed Soofa Signs to solve the problem of not being able to deliver real-time bus arrival information at every stop along the Downtown Loop. The Signs solve this problem while also providing the City an important new platform to reach and engage locals and visitors alike. 

Fully solar powered and wireless, the Soofa Signs fit in seamlessly to the City of Las Vegas' clean energy strategy. 


Soofa CEO Sandra Richter welcomed the Soofa Sign to Downtown Las Vegas with Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

Las Vegas was selected as a Soofa early adopter because of the city's vision for creating a vibrant, livable downtown and willingness to test new technology that benefits citizens.


"Las Vegas is the perfect place to test out exciting new technology like Soofa."

- Mayor Goodman, City of Las Vegas


The Soofa Sign was featured as part of the City of Las Vegas' booth at CES and was selected by Engadget as a finalist for Best Vision of the Future. 


"Smart cities of tomorrow will run on information, with various pieces of connected urban infrastructure all sharing data amongst themselves. But what sharing information amongst the citizenry? That's where the Soofa Sign, a community bulletin board for the 21st century, comes in."

- Engadget

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Content shared on the Soofa Sign ranges from beautiful photography from local photographers to advertisements for local events and things you typically don't see on billboards, like poems.

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We believe that billboards should be given back to people. Content displayed outdoors in neighborhoods needs to reflect the uniqueness of the place. Do you feel the same?