ATL311 Pioneers Civic Use of Soofa Signs To Engage Residents In Real-Time

After being selected as an early adopter of the Soofa Sign in 2017, the City of Atlanta has now deployed Soofa Signs in its greatest neighborhoods and uses the robust network to expand the reach of its 311 communications.

Soofa signs are a great tool for ATL311 because they give us yet another channel for sharing information with our customers. The signs allow us to reach more people and let them know about the important services we provide, and they do it in an engaging and proactive way.
— Rocky Atkins | Executive Director, Office of Customer Service, City of Atlanta

The ATL311 social media team uses Soofa Talk to simply and quickly upload content in real-time to reach citizens where they are. 

As part of the early adopter program, the City of Atlanta receives airtime on the Soofa Signs. The ATL311 team uses that airtime to inform citizens about things like how to report a streetlight being out, the grass cutting schedule, and all 9 ways 311 can be reached. The main goal for ATL311 is to inform people "why we are here, what we do and that we want to help."


"Soofa Talk is one of the easiest dashboards I have used. In just a few clicks your content is live on any Soofa sign you choose. All I do is take a graphic that I posted to our other social media sites, resize it and then upload it to Soofa Talk. The process is self explanatory and takes less than a minute," says Abigail Johns, ATL311 Communications Specialist. 

ATL311 focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and finding new, creative ways to engage its citizens. The Soofa Sign provides the flexibility for both. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.12.53 PM.png
Having Soofa signs as a new communication channel has expanded our customer base and outreach. We are able to get important and informative information out to the public in a way that our social media channels cannot do. It has also allowed us another way to engage with our customers by encouraging them to go out, locate and tweet us a picture of themselves with the Soofa sign!
— Myesha Good | Customer Service Delivery Manager, Office of Customer Service, City of Atlanta

ATL311 is a best practice example for how cities can maximize their use of airtime on the Soofa Sign. 

Not only does ATL311 deliver the most important information at the right time to its customers, it also engages its staff in creating content and having fun doing so on the Soofa Sign network. In the same way it encourages its customers to bridge the physical and digital world, the team often gets out and takes fun photos to show off its finished work up on the signs in the public right of way. 


Community feedback is essential to the success of Soofa Sign installations across the City. By bridging the physical and digital, ATL311 and Soofa are able to get valuable community input and support.

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Curious to learn more about how the City of Atlanta 311 team is pioneering a valuable use of the City's Soofa Sign airtime? Feel free to reach out to our team anytime.