ImprovBoston Connects With Locals and Visitors Where They Are

A community staple and fan favorite, ImprovBoston has a devout following but is always looking to find its next loyal customer. Advertising on Soofa Signs in premier locations across Boston and Cambridge is helping them do just that. 

With Soofa, we’re able to take our brand awareness to a new level. The ability to reach audiences in some of the most high traffic areas of Boston on a budget that works for us — and update our message in real-time — is why we love Soofa.
— Deb Falzoi, Marketing Manager, ImprovBoston

ImprovBoston is currently running an outreach and brand awareness campaign on our Soofa Sign network in Boston and Cambridge, in key neighborhoods with a ton of foot traffic like Kendall Square, Fenway, and Allston. 

By using Soofa Talk, ImprovBoston is able to update their content whenever they want, in a way that's as frictionless and familiar as updating Facebook or Instagram accounts. 

The post shown above is live on our Kendall Square, Cambridge sign, just a short 10 minute bike ride away from Improv Boston's stage. The campaign is both a general awareness campaign and a show and class advertisement, offering a special discount if you use the Soofa Sign discount code, BOSTON. 

Curious to learn more about how ImprovBoston is using the Soofa Sign network to increase its ticket sales and brand awareness? Connect with our team anytime to chat.