Alibi Reaches Millions in Downtown Las Vegas Using Soofa Signs

Reaching millions of people on a monthly basis using the Soofa Sign network in Downtown Las Vegas, Alibi is now moving past word of mouth to word on the street.

In a world where so many things are the same, it is always refreshing to work with other people who also do things differently. It no secret that Vegas has a wealth of shows and experiences for people.

Our show takes place in the wonderful, fun, quirky establishments and streets of Downtown Vegas, so it only made sense to bring our message to that very spot and encourage people to take it all in from a different, fun perspective.
— Corinna Jones, Owner and Producer, Alibi Las Vegas
alibi sign.jpg

Alibi creates informative content with a clear call to action - get people to sign up for a show while they are spending time in Downtown Las Vegas.

So what do you do when you want to let people know that you have an experience unlike anything they’ve done before?  That was the problem faced by Corinna Jones, owner and producer of the Las Vegas experience, Alibi. Part scavenger hunt, part dinner, part comedy show, part bar crawl, all fun, Alibi has been entertaining visitors, locals and businesses for three years. While certainly successful, there was still opportunity to grow.

“It’s exciting to see your own ad on the street, to have friends send you pictures that they saw it, and to have customers tell you that they saw it on the Soofa Sign,” Corinna continues. “And to know that by promoting my business that I’m giving helping support technology and transportation initiatives in the town that I grew up in? That’s even more awesome” Next time you are in Vegas, check out Alibi. Get more information and tickets at


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