Champions Increases Online Traffic, Restaurant Visits, and Customer Loyalty from Soofa Sign Campaign

Champions, located in the Boston Marriott Cambridge, sees a measurable increase in online traffic, restaurant visits, and customer loyalty from advertising on their neighborhood Soofa Sign!

“Our Instagram and our Facebook page are now receiving more and more likes daily and we have been able to reach out to our immediate community, which is our target audience. All of our monitored sites are reporting an increase in views which can only mean an increase in interest by our guests.”

Mercedes Medina, Champions Restaurant, Marriott Hotels


The Champions advertising campaign focused on engaging the local community - including hotel guests, neighborhood residents, and people working in the area.

They leveraged their neighborhood Soofa Sign to display relevant and timely special events and happenings every day of the week and weekend to their target audience.

Like many local businesses and restaurants, Champions was looking for the best way to reach their target audience with relevant messaging! They approached Soofa to explore how they could advertise during the lunch and dinner rush and have creative flexibility! With Soofa, Champions was able to achieve this goal by having control over their creative content to share the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, ultimately driving more traffic than average to their restaurant.

Over the month of May, the Champions ad campaign received over 83,000 targeted views. Samples of the creative content are shown below.Write here…


The Champions out of home campaign produced measurable results, helping the marketing team hit its key metrics for justifying advertising spend. 

Champions measured the success of its out of home campaign in part based on a measurable increase in Google Reviews, an indication that more people are coming in to dine and enjoying their experience. Getting great reviews by the local community was extremely important, and the month long Soofa Sign campaign helped achieve just that. 

Soofa was easy to work with, they are so creative, knowledgeable and inventive. They’re exactly what this city needs! I cannot wait to start another campaign with Soofa, so I can continue to be amazed.

Champions is located in the heart of Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. If you're in the area, drop by and grab a quick bite or stay for a game!

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