Engaged Atlanta: citizens, businesses, and the City use the Soofa Sign network to communicate better

At A Glance

Now in seven diverse, lively, and loved neighborhoods across Atlanta, Soofa Signs are making outdoor communication easier and better. Serving neighborhoods and residents as digital community bulletin boards, the Signs are available for anyone to use, anytime through Soofa Talk. Since first launching in Atlanta’s famed Little Five Points neighborhood in March 2018, thousands of pieces of local, user generated content have been posted to the sign network.


The City of Atlanta was selected as a strategic early adopter city of the Sign, along with Boston and Las Vegas, in late 2017 for its vision to use the Soofa Sign as a novel tool to improve communication with citizens and enhance citizen engagement overall. Ultimately, the City sought to use the Soofa Sign to bridge the gap between digital and physical communication.


With a network of 30 Signs in the ground currently and more to be installed by the end of 2019, Atlanta is one of our largest and most engaged cities. The use of the Signs includes informative content from ATL311 about the latest city services and ways to be more connected, announcements for upcoming local events, playful community posts, and local business advertisements from businesses of all sizes, representing numerous industries. Curbed Atlanta summed up the results and successes.

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Playful content helps build community

In Kirkwood, residents have used the signs to announce everything from the latest event to a new business offering – while also being extremely creative and personal. Take for example this post from a local family who announced the birth of their son.


Real world reach with digital content

An amazing marketer making a splash in the beauty industry in Atlanta, Gabrielle Joffie learned about the Soofa Sign after walking by one in her neighborhood. She immediately informed her team at Indique Hair and they ran a special offering during August and September and also used the network of Soofa Signs across Atlanta to share the message. With a following of nearly 20,000 people on her social media, she also closed the loop and truly bridged the digital with the physical by reposting her content online - ever-increasing its impact and reach.

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Increase neighborhood event attendance

Atlanta has become known for its amazing neighborhoods, because of their diversity, their collection of thriving local businesses, their unique blend of contemporary with historic architecture, and their noteworthy events and festivals. With the Soofa Signs it is now possible for neighborhood event organizers, like the East Atlanta Strut Street Festival, to advertise this event to residents and visitors across the city. Originally limited to social media and physical paper fliers, the organizers have extended their reach with minimal effort and cost using Soofa Signs.


Beautifully designed community content that gets peoples’ attention

A sampling of posts designed by the Atlanta community including local businesses, neighborhood event organizers, the City of Atlanta, and individuals.

Sandra Richter