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How Las Cruces, NM is using Soofa Pro data to justify the expense of a public WiFi network

When faced with a nearly $400,000 capital expenditure to provide free public WiFi to residents and visitors, the City of Las Cruces paused and asked the important question, how many people actually spend time downtown? The City partnered with Soofa to measure pedestrian traffic and analyze the patterns of use. Learn more about how the City is transforming Soofa data into information to help make key strategic decisions. 

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Soofa Spotlight: Portage, MI

How does Portage, a small, lively city of just under 50,000 residents in Southwest Michigan improve quality of life, attract visitors, and engage its community - making it a natural place to move? By having the desire to be first to test new technologies and follow through on making sure they are successfully implemented and used by the public.

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New Rochelle, NY: Competing for the Future

Free public wifi, the most ambitious downtown development project in the Hudson Valley, 100% renewable energy, cohesive marketing and storytelling; these are just some of the things the City is doing to compete for the future. Check out this exclusive interview with New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and Luiz Aragon, Commissioner of Development to learn more. 

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Innovation Stories: Newmarket, Ontario

How do smaller sized cities innovate? The Town of Newmarket, Ontario (with a population of just over 85,000 people) is a perfect example of how to do it. They are also our second Canadian city and the first in Ontario. Learn more about our collaboration and see what else Newmarket is doing to be a leader in civic innovation and to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. 

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Spotlight: Parkland County, Alberta

We are big proponents of making innovative projects happen in all cities, big or small, dense or rural. Parkland County is an amazing example of how a rural county can innovate successfully. At a population of just 12 people per square mile, it's about as rural as you can get! We did a spotlight with Barb Scully to learn more about how her and her team use technology to improve the quality of life for everyone in the county. 

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