For people with a shared stake in a special place.


Soofa is the neighborhood news feed that connects a community with screens everyone can see and anyone can use.


Soofa Sign is the world’s first outdoor 42” electronic paper display for downtowns, neighborhoods, parks, and campuses.


Ready to help your community connect?


community content

Soofa Sign gives everyone a voice. Soofa Sign empowers community members to share relevant local content, businesses of all sizes to engage with customers, artists to showcase their work, and cities to better communicate with their citizens.

An ad for Boston's Fenway neighborhood highlights the local Bostonian Barbershop.

sustainable design

Soofa Sign’s electronic paper display runs on solar power, which means no wires and no emissions.


real-time information

Soofa Sign apps display real-time public transit and local events calendars, so people can learn about what’s happening in their neighborhood.

The bottom 25 percent of the Soofa Sign shows the next MBTA bus arrivals at Courthouse Station in Boston.


Customize Soofa Signs to match your community branding. Highlight nearby attractions with a wayfinding vinyl sticker.

Vinyl stickers on the back of the Soofa Sign to be customized to reflect a community's branding and provide local wayfinding: here, the vinyl shows Boston colors and local attractions.

timely communication

Deliver important information to your community at the right time. Soofa Sign empowers you to communicate everything from upcoming events to emergency information in a way that no other platform can.

The bottom 25% of the Soofa Sign E-ink display shows upcoming events around Boston.

easy to install

Soofa Sign can be installed in under an hour with just four bolts into any concrete surface.


Become an early adopter.

We work with city leaders, transit authorities, parks conservancies, campuses, and private sector partners to deploy our smart, social, and sustainable infrastructure. Learn more about what we look for in our early adopters from our case studies below.

case study

Atlanta, GA — ATL311

Delivering important messages and sharing relevant City updates to citizens in some of its most active neighborhoods, like Little Five Points and Old Fourth Ward. 

Residents of Atlanta gather around a new Soofa Sign in Little Five Points.
Having Soofa signs as a new communication channel has expanded our customer base and outreach. We are able to get important and informative information out to the public in a way that our social media channels cannot do.
— Myesha Good, Customer Service Delivery Manager, Office of Customer Service, City of Atlanta
Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 5.16.07 PM.png
A woman strolls through a pedestrian plaza in Seaport with a new Soofa Sign.

case study

Boston, MA – Seaport District

Encouraging spontaneity and a sense of community in an emerging neighborhood.

Smart cities of tomorrow will run on information, with various pieces of connected urban infrastructure all sharing data amongst themselves. But what sharing information amongst the citizenry? That’s where the Soofa Sign, a community bulletin board for the 21st century, comes in.
— Engadget
Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 5.16.07 PM.png