Brookline Bank is the launch sponsor for Soofa Signs in Brookline, MA


Brookline Bank reaches their community in a new way and positions themselves as an innovative brand with Soofa.

Though Brookline Bank has been a strong community presence for over 150 years, it was looking for new ways to engage with its customers and position itself as an innovative, tech-forward brand. Being the launch partner of Soofa Signs in Brookline therefore presented the perfect opportunity for Brookline Bank fill a gap in its current marketing strategy. Now that online advertising channels are becoming saturated, real-world hyperlocal sponsorship marketing has never been more important. It allows companies to build a personal relationship with their customers while simultaneously creating a physical brand presence. 

Brookline Bank amplifies their presence in the neighborhoods where their customers live, work, and play.

As the title sponsor of Soofa signs in Brookline, Brookline Bank reaches and engages with their customers in their everyday lives. Brookline Bank wraps the entire Soofa Sign in their branding and with their messaging. The installation of Soofa Signs in Brookline provides an open platform to which anyone can post: community members, artists, and local businesses alike.

This neighborhood news feed builds a sense of community in Brookline while keeping residents informed about local events happening each week. Peter Roveto, SVP, Director of Marketing at Brookline Bank, describes how the sponsorship fits in with the bank’s larger vision “to make our neighborhoods more connected and sustainable with state of the art technology."  


Soofa Sign sponsorship is recognized by local and state elected officials as an important tool to strengthen communities.

During the launch event and ribbon cutting, Brookline Bank’s role in the partnership was recognized by multiple stakeholders. Massachusetts State Representative Tommy Vitolo thanked Brookline Bank for “keep[ing] people on the streets talking to each other, engaging with our businesses and community as a whole.”


Town of Brookline Select Board Member Heather Hamilton also indicated the importance of the neighborhood news feed for local government, explaining how it “helps us to get the word out when we have very important, public meetings that are changing neighborhood fabric.”

By becoming the face of Soofa’s sign network in Brookline, Brookline Bank communicates its genuine commitment to the city, making it stand out from other banking institutions. The location of the Soofa Signs throughout the most highly trafficked neighborhoods, all of which are home to Brookline Bank physical brick and mortar branches, also ensures that the brand stays top of mind for both consumer and local business banking. 

Through their partnership with Soofa, Brookline Bank is positively changing people’s perception of who they are.

By associating their brand with cutting edge technology that is used and loved by the public and local business owners, Brookline Bank is challenging the notion of being a traditional bank. They are staying current and showing both their existing customers and future customers that they are technologically advanced by embracing and supporting innovation in the community.